I note the Police and Crime Commissioner, David Keane is asking us taxpayers to foot the bill for a further £5 million of costs, despite an increase in central funding of 2.3 per cent in the year 2015/6 to 2016/7, leading to funding of almost £200 million, according to his own accounts.

He could do well by disbanding his office, which in the 2016/7 tax year according to his own published accounts, cost almost £2.5 million to run, with his personal salary cost to the taxpayer of £76,445.

Do we really need police and crime commissioners?

And to follow up your columnist, Barlow’s Brew, what on earth is happening with Cheshire Police’s Chief Constable whilst he is under investigation for gross misconduct?

If anyone should be sorting this out quickly, it should be the police and crime commissioner, yet nothing seems to be happening to this unending situation, contributing to the police’s deficit as he was paid £173,263 in 2016/7, and is currently still suspended.

We should resist the call for more taxation by Mr Keane, who trades on our fears of further frontline cuts which will not take place.

Taxpayers must make their voices heard at the consultation which ends on January 28. Go to cheshirepcc.

gov.uk Richard Cussons Knutsford