DO we really need a pub in the park? The answer is easy - no we don’t.

Knutsford has more than enough excellent restaurants, public houses and bars - you can’t go wrong for food and drink.

Knutsford has become one of the most premier towns to eat out in the county, so why do we want to close our free space and pay £28 to go on to the Heath to eat Tom Kerridge’s food? Yes, Tom is a great chef. He owns enough pub and restaurants, he does not need to use our Heath.

The pub in the park will bring people from everywhere, so where will they park their cars? Knutsford is gridlocked most days at the best of times. Just look how Knutsford attracts thousands of people whenever there is an event in or close to our town.

What will happen to the fair and the circus which has been coming to Knutsford as long as they had the Royal May procession which has been going since 1864 -154 years?

The fair is part of Knutsford heritage and what makes Knutsford great.

People like me are not killjoys.

We too like a good time, but the Heath is the wrong place.

Why don’t they hold it in Tatton Park? Lots of parking space and lots of open space to do as you please. Kids can run wild and lots of things to do while your in there.

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