FOR sure, people want relief from traffic congestion - in Knutsford and elsewhere, but let’s have a reality check.

People were not asked if they want a bypass through the greenbelt which surrounds Knutsford (Opinion, December 28).

It took 100 years before the Alderley Edge bypass was built.

More recently, working through Knutsford’s Neighbourhood Plan has resulted in discussion with Cheshire East Council of 13 road improvement schemes in Knutsford to help reduce congestion, with six schemes firmly planned so far.

Development to 2030 will happen here, including around 1,000 new homes and a new business park.

Infrastructure improvements have to go hand in hand, including highways schemes to be actually delivered.

The Neighbourhood Plan offers benefits including improved health facilities, better design of new development and more funds to Knutsford from a levy on building.

It would be more than a pity to junk these and other benefits by not supporting the plan when it is finally put to Knutsford people in a referendum.

It is premature to assume the proposed development of 260 new homes at Northwich Road.

Some will be approved by Cheshire East Council, but hopefully many less.

Paul Webster Address supplied