MARK Price’s ‘We want a bypass’ letter is spot on.

I had a letter published a few weeks ago, also pointing out that there is almost gridlock in the Adams Hill area at peak times now (and worse when the M6 has problems) and that we can expect another 2,000 cars in the area with the planned 950 additional houses.

I asked if anyone knew whether there were any plans to ensure that those who are going to make a substantial profit from building the houses that will cause the traffic problems, will be contributing to the cost of building a bypass.

I assume that no answer is a no answer, and therefore its cost will fall on local and national taxpayers.

A bypass could connect all of the major Knutsford approach roads and the Parkgate Industrial Estate (with room for expansion), and all without requiring the demolition of any buildings.

It could however, impinge on the proposed Manchester Road and Northwich Road development sites.

Is it too much to expect that the provision of a bypass will be taken into account within the design of these developments, and that we can have it completed before the new homes are occupied?

Or will we wait until Knutsford comes to a complete standstill before thinking about it for another 10 years before getting on and building it? I’m not holding my breath.

Tony Booth Lower Peover