REGARDING the preservation of our greenbelt.

I appreciate the challenges that the local council faces, but I have been a councillor, was born in and live in Cheshire, and feel strongly that our green spaces when built on are gone forever.

There are many brownfield sites that are available, and the changing nature of the high street will mean there are many small apartments that fit today’s moving society that could be developed into residential accommodation from retail.

That would boost retail trade, enable people to access public transport and preserve our greenbelt.

We are now importing more food and animal feed than ever before, and have no control over what it contains.

We are a small island rich in history, but to stay free and healthy we need to protect our green spaces as we did to protect other nations over many centuries.

The new housing is not needed and we have to adapt to the excellence of Brexit that will allow the UK to serve its people in an environmentally-friendly way rather than have councils be the pawns of house builders, who after all will build houses that will be occupied by people generating revenue for the council in a way a field will not.

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