IT was heartening to read that a one-way scheme is being considered for the beleaguered Cranford Avenue.

This road has been torture for all users for many years.

Those of us who live in the Westfield Drive/Acacia Avenue part of the town are forced to drive down this road every time we want to go to either Booths supermarket or into the centre of Knutsford.

The only alternative is to join the ever-increasing queues at Knutsford roundabout, which of course would mean simply adding to the number of vehicles already fighting their way around it.

Every time we meet another vehicle coming the other way, that is, from the Bexton Road end, we sigh deeply, knowing that we are going to have to squeeze in somehow.

I have had several very unpleasant experiences when trying to simply make progress along it, and it cannot be a good thing for the residents of Cranford Avenue, either.

Sometimes the whole road comes to a grinding halt and is gridlocked.

The objections to having speed bumps in order not to make this a ‘rat run’ if it becomes one way, are wrong as if there were more than one set of speed bumps then it would not be possible to speed between them, as it would be too short a distance.

I appeal to all concerned in this, to please expedite the plan, and make this one way, thereby giving a chance to all to make a journey without a drama!

It has gone on for far far too long.

Mrs Linda Coleman Knutsford