AS a full-time office worker working 9am to 5pm in Tatton Street, can I say what a ridiculous decision to add one-hour parking bays where once were double yellow lines.

Trying to get into Knutsford now before 9am is like a bottleneck and because traffic along Tatton Street is now only passable one way, cars are mounting pavements, drivers are becoming frustrated waiting for people to reverse park into the bays and traffic is snarled up along Tatton Street, Garden Road and Manchester Road.

Surely traffic should be freeflowing and short-stay parking should be taken away from both Tatton Street and King Street.

It is bad enough with delivery trucks and refuse vehicles trying to make progress.

Knutsford is a traditional Italianate market town with narrow roads and was never designed for mass traffic and the parking problems this causes.

The council needs to rethink and remove these extra bays and return to double yellow lines.

Carolyn Billingham Knutsford