IN 2016 there were 1,792 deaths on our roads caused by traffic collisions.

Over the last five years, figures seem to have stabilised in spite of our efforts to improve vehicle design, enforce seat belt-wearing and beef up the driving test etc. In truth this amounts to an appalling loss of life for five grieving families every day of every week for every year that we do nothing about it.

Undoubtedly driving too fast for the road conditions is a remaining contributor for which too little has been done too late.

No doubt you, like me, have seen repeatedly, instances of vehicles being driven too fast in confined situations causing great danger to the public.

Recently Cheshire Police appealed to the public for volunteers to be trained in the use of hand-held speed cameras. Apparently the request has raised insufficient interest to justify continuation.

I appeal to you to reconsider. For reckless drivers to flourish and get worse the good drivers need to do nothing.

Neville Layhe Cheshire