WHAT a load of rubbish the so-called Fly writes in the Guardian.

I refer to the comments about Manchester airport.

First and foremost thousands of people in this area lived here long before Manchester Airport was built, then they started to destroy our country side so that gives us the right to complain.

Manchester Airport was only given the go-ahead for R2 because we got no backing from the government and in particular our so called MP George Osborne.

A friend and myself went to one of his surgeries to put our point of view, his answer was if you don’t like what I’m doing vote me out, knowing full well that he was in the safest seat in the universe.

Can your journalist tell us what benefits we get from the airport?

All we get is noise and pollution day and night.

You comments with regards to moving next door to a nuisance has been shot down so if you are to continue to write in the Guardian don’t insult our intelligence and put your name to your comments like we have to do.

Ken Davies Mobberley