WE had people from HS2 here this week doing a survey of our field that is within half a kilometre of the main line.

I asked them what was the point of the survey because however rare a plant or animal or coins etc they might find it was not going to stop the HS2 going ahead.

Of course they didn’t know the answer as they were just botanists or geologists or biologists etc.

We get paid for finally allowing them to inspect the field, and they all get paid for doing the survey.

So all these sums of money paid out for something that is meaningless – nothing will stop this ridiculous train going ahead I fear – but all help to add to the unbelievable cost of the biggest white elephant surely any government has created.

We are supposed to believe that because Londoners can get to Manchester a bit quicker and Mancunians can get to London a bit quicker, it is going to make a world of difference to their lives and ours too.

It really is like believing in Father Christmas when you are a grown up.

Alan and Nicky Brooks Whatcroft