WITH 950 new dwellings planned for Knutsford and district in the next five years, we can expect up to 2,000 new inhabitants, with about 300 children, and 1,500 cars.

Our schools, medical and leisure facilities are already overstretched, parking in the town is chaotic at times now, and the road system overcrowded at rush hour.

Many of these new houses are situated around the route to Mobberley, and will be using Adam’s Hill for access, and that’s already gridlocked at peak times.

It is clear that the current infrastructure will not cope with this influx.

A town by-pass, which has already been considered, even at today’s traffic levels, will be essential, as will a massive increase in parking provision, particularly for those who work in the town.

Similar pressure will also be applied to schools, medical facilities, leisure activities etc.

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see a plan to provide the necessary infrastructure before these new houses are occupied, nor to ensure that those who stand to profit handsomely from the developments, pay their fair share of the cost of providing the necessary facilities to support them.

It would be a tragedy if those who currently live in Knutsford would not only suffer from the imposition of a 15 per cent increase in population, but would end up paying for the ‘privilege’ through local or national taxation.

Can somebody responsible for planning please assure us all that there are plans to provide and finance this infrastructure?

It’s no use waiting until the situation becomes untenable and the builders have moved on.

Tony Booth Lower Peover