I WONDER who gets paid to sit in Cheshire East HQ, thinking up the latest money and time-wasting schemes?

The latest idea is to ban dogs from fouling in all public spaces. It’s a pity that the dogs can’t read the notices that I have seen plastered all over Knutsford this week.

The wording of this document is extremely unclear. Does it mean that there is an actual ban on all dogs fouling, or does it mean that it will be an offence not to pick up after your dog?

As a responsible dog owner, I always pick up after my dog when she has been to the loo, and I get just as sickened as others when I see piles of dog mess left on the grass or pavements by the few lazy dog owners that think only of themselves. It’s bad enough having cat muck everywhere.

If the ban is for all dog fouling in public places, I wonder how the canine community who live in flats, without the luxury of a private garden, are expected to cope?

Perhaps the powers that be at Cheshire East HQ expect Fido and Butch to defecate in the kitchen sink?

I agree that there should be stricter punishments on people who do not pick up after their dogs, but Cheshire East are just wasting their time and our money again.

Try fixing the potholes or asking the council tax payers what they want their money spent on.

Lord Peter Holt Knutsford