I WOULD like to sympathise with Mr Clive Worswick (‘Roadworks are affecting trade’, Knutsford Guardian August 31).

We have been customers of his for many years, but now we feel cut off from that area.

It is quite difficult now to go to the garage.

We either have to go via Knutsford or travel on the new road down to Millington then double back to Bucklow Hill.

I feel that local people have been ridden over roughshod with the whole situation.

I cannot understand why all this money is being spent on ‘de-trunking’ the old road which would have been more than adequate for local traffic.

All this at a time when so many other roads are in desperate need of repairs.

On top of this, local people have been put to endless inconvenience and financial ruin in some cases.

The confusion spreads over a wide area, quite often bemused people find themselves in Plumley, totally at a loss to know where they should be going.

Stephen Wharfe Plumley