TREVOR Upton clearly missed the point of my letter regarding the Maker’s Market.

I was criticising the poor planning and organisation for market days not the market itself.

On the first Sunday of July an American car show has been held in Tatton Park for as long as I can remember.

On every Sunday a considerable number of the parking spaces in the town are needed by church goers.

On every Sunday there are no bus services in Knutsford and only a very limited train service.

So who on earth thought that a Maker’s Market could go ahead on the first Sunday in July?

The town was chaos and it was very unsafe for the young children who Mr Upton refers to, as well as for older and less able persons.

The first Sunday in August wasn’t much better either.

Although, credit where credit is due - I’ve heard the town council has requested Cheshire East council postpone their scheduled resurfacing of Tatton Street from Sunday, September 3.

Sheila O’Grady Knutsford