I TOTALLY agree with the content of the letter of John Ross in the June 8 Knutsford Guardian.

We are constantly told the UK is the fifth largest economy in the world, yet, being in the EU, we are relegated to be 1/28th of a voice in Brussels. Cameron has proved that intense pressures on other members of the EU he had no chance, will indeed never have a chance of meaningful reform to an organisation that seems to be hell bent on destroying the sovereignty of member nations.

Without sovereignty, a country in ‘neutralised’ and, in time, it’s own parliament and it’s elected members will become irrelevant.

To an extent, the EU Court of Justice, to name one department, acts a powerful ‘dictator’ at this time, overruling our democracy. Mr Cameron is effectively calling for another Charge of the Light Brigade by shouting Remain.

We need to leave and elect our own parliamentary representatives, who cannot be overruled by a foreign nation.

Gerald A Norden address supplied