REGARDING the HS2 show in Knutsford.

It was a most impressive show.

It must have cost a fortune: a month-long roadshow, hire of the venues, salaries, transport, accommodation.

No wonder the budget is astronomical.

Stands, maps – printed and electronic, TV screens, sound booths, leaflets, property experts, sound engineers, track engineers, numerous staff; it’s a pity none of them could answer any of our questions!

With the proposed track yards from my garden and a bridge alongside my bedroom window, yet just too far away for any compensation or compulsory purchase, I was surprised that the standard response was ‘it’s a little difficult to say at the moment’ and ‘watch what happens after the consultation on Phase 1 is published’.

And, was I the only one amazed to see ‘bouncers’ on the door?

Were they expecting riotous behaviour?

I was sorely tempted!