By group editor Nicola Priest


THE news that prescription charges are going up again from April 1 is a blow for most of us.

As if they’re not expensive enough we are now going to have to pay £8.05 for every item prescribed from the current £7.85.

And next year they go up another 15p to £8.20. It certainly doesn’t pay to be sick.

Even over the counter medicines are a ridiculous price. I wasn’t well at the weekend and went to the pharmacy for some advice. She suggested some tablets which I bought which cost £5.25, but there were just 16 tablets which lasted me two days. I could really have done with another packet but I decided that I wouldn’t bother at that price.

It is those who have long term health conditions who are going to feel the burden most.

And it certainly doesn’t make me feel any better knowing our hard-earned cash is helping keep prescriptions free for folks living in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – how that can be fair I really don’t know.