FANCY trying the sport that current and former Premier League footballers are turning to?

Then padel could be just for you!

And The Padel Club is offering facilities on the doorstep in Wilmslow.

Manchester United and Portugal defender Diogo Dalot, 24, is one star of the beautiful game you could bump into at the A34 Handforth Bypass venue.

He loves the sport so much that he has opened a club of his own in his home country.

“The social part of the game is what got me into the sport,” he said.

“Being able to be there for an hour or hour and a half with friends, play quickly between each other, include friends who are not usually good at other sports because you can play padel with all types of people and all ages.

“I opened a club in May, probably the biggest centre in Portugal so far with 14 courts and there’s been good feedback so far.”

Padel is a racket sport played in an enclosure with some elements of squash and tennis and with its origins in Acapulco, Mexico.

It is described as the fastest growing racquet sport and has taken both Portugal and Spain by storm.

This growth appears to be fuelled by the ease of play and accessibility, and while being a doubles game it makes padel an addictive social activity.