AN under nines football team’s playing record for the 2022/23 season so far is said to speak volumes for the club’s approach to junior activity.

Mobberley Junior Football Club under nines have played 13 matches and won 10, drawn one and lost only two.

They are impressive stats, produced even though the heavy focus for the managers and coaches is on the players having fun.

Mobberley coach David Clayton said: “At this age, the emphasis still remains on fun and enjoyment, but the competitiveness starts to creep in and the kids learn valuable lessons around winning in the right way, as well as accepting when things don’t go your way.

“The importance of creating a team ethic cannot be understated!”

Due to the icy conditions and matches being cancelled at the weekend, Mobberley under nines paid a visit to CPASE Health Club on Saturday to enjoy a team photo session.

The award-winning facility at Warford Park in Mobberley support the junior football club as official shirt sponsors.

While there, the young footballers had a great time, smiling for the camera, having fun on the slide that gym members use to move between the upper and lower levels, and enjoying strawberry milkshakes that the on-site Aprils Kitchen provided for the team.

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Owner of CPASE, Clare Stobart, said: “We are naturally very keen on sports and fitness at CPASE and we are really pleased to support the Mobberley FC under nines and to see how well they are performing, but importantly they are clearly having great fun as well!”

Mobberley JFC have one squad of players in each of the under eights, nines, 10s, 11s and 13s age groups, a significant number for a village club which also serves as a valuable community amenity for the Knutsford and Wilmslow areas.

Mobberley do incredibly well to make their mark in the local competitive leagues despite coming up against footballing neighbours who attract hundreds of players every week

Home games for the under nines and 10s take place at the Ifords playing field on Ilfords Way in Mobberley, while under 11s and under 13s levels play their games at The Mary Dendy playing fields.

If you are interested in joining Mobberley JFC then contact