NORMAN Jamison will play a key role in Knutsford Hockey Club’s return to action.

While he has an active part in the club’s third XI and in coaching younger players, it is his position as the club’s Covid officer that appears the most important currently.

When the season started back in August, Norman’s job was to ensure Covid guidelines were being adhered to as well as keeping members up to date with said rules and acting as a point of contact for other clubs.

“As you can imagine this was a time-consuming role but one that Norman has stated was well worth the effort as it allows the hockey to continue to be played and enjoyed,” the club said.

“The club was most grateful for Norm’s attention to the role which was so key during very uncertain times.

“With the country finally coming out of lockdown again, Knutsford Hockey Club are preparing to finish this very bizarre, once-in-a-lifetime (we hope) season and prepare with enthusiasm for the 2021/22 season.

“We are awaiting full guidance from England Hockey but expect to play some games over the coming weeks and then prepare with gusto for next season.”

Organised outdoor sports are free to resume from March 29 under the Government’s current plans to ease Covid lockdown restrictions in England.