FIFTEEN Wilmslow High School teachers have completed a gruelling cycle challenge that has raised more than £3,000 for worthy causes.

The group, ranging from experienced to novice cyclists, successfully finished a 100-mile course that included some tricky climbs.

“It was a great day and we all enjoyed the challenge and successfully navigated our way round the 100 mile course with only three minor falls,” said organiser Mattt Bebbington.

“Two of them were at traffic lights where two teachers forgot to unclip. They shall remain nameless to spare any embarrassment!

“Inevitably, the toughest parts were the steep climbs from Bollington up Blaze Hill to the top of Macclesfield Forest early on in the ride and the final 15 miles from Lymm, through Altrincham, Hale and Ashley back to the Wilmslow High School where the pace suddenly sped up in a race to finish first.”

The riders were grateful for all the support they received.

Matt said: “Samantha Gregory (Harefield student manager), Katie Wynne (head of Norcliffe House) and Kay White (head of Bollin House) were our terrific support team who baked fresh sausage rolls, brownies and cookies to fuel us over our two planned stops at 40 miles and 80 miles.

“It was a superb team effort and I am really proud of all the Wilmslow High School teachers who took part and everyone that was kind enough to donate money to the cause – it was a real community effort.

“We raised a total of £3,655 for our two deserving charities, Wilmslow Youth and Wilmslow Parish Food Friends. This means both charities will receive over £1,800 each which will be put to good use in the local area.”