KNUTSFORD’S Gymfinity Gymnastics brought home 44 medals from a floor and vault competition in Lymm.

Fifty gymnasts from the club, based at Egerton Youth Club, took part and 18 first places were achieved.

Thirteen silver medals were claimed, and as many bronze ones too.

“What an amazing day it was for Gymfinity,” said club manager Vikki Fairbother.

“The gymnasts absolutely excelled themselves. We are so proud of each and every one.”

Knutsford Guardian:

Left to right, Naomi Newitt, Felicity Cooper, Lena Zantac-Kluc, Gemma Burke, Alexis Smith

After the initial celebrations, focus now switches to future events.

“We will be holding our own competition on April 19,” said Vikki.

“We too have a half-term camp next Thursday and Friday.”

Gymfinity results from the Lymm competition:

Gold on floor: Ellie Harding, Effie Saffil, Libby Johnson, Frankie Stevenson, Lauren Johnson, Naomi Newitt, Jessica Bennett, Amelia Karlsson-Smyth, Rosie Bennett, Sofia Rattray.

Gold on vault: Sophia Dunkerely, Isla Selkirk, Lauren Johnson, Faye Haines, Amelia Karlsson-Smyth, Sofia Rattray.

Silver on floor: Sophia Davies, Erin Munro, Alexis Smith, Maisie Denham, Beth Williams, Daisy Buckley.

Silver on vault: Bethany Hemmings, Jasmine Hans, Libby Johnson, Alexis Smith, Maisie Denham, Imogen Meaney.

Bronze on floor: Xander Williams, Isla Selkirk, Gemma Burke, Leila Chown, Madison Francis, Francesca Dixon-Tagg.

Bronze on vault: Freya Stimpson, Effie Saffil, Frankie Stevenson, Naomi Newitt, Leila Chown, Francesca Dixon-Tagg.