AFTER a winning streak, Knutsford Ladies hoped for another winning game to add to the list.

But they slipped to a 4-2 home loss to Whitchurch.

Five of the goals came in the first half in a topsy-turvy scoring affair.

After the hosts took the lead they had to fight back from 2-1 behind but couldn't respond a second time.

Knutsford started well against Whitchurch, scoring from a short corner.

Suzi Weir received the ball from Sarah Fielding and quickly passed to Katie Price on left slip.

Weir then bagged the first goal of the game, leaving Knutsford 1-0 up.

It wasn’t long until Whitchurch brought the score to 1-1 by putting pressure on Knutsford.

Whitchurch then scored another goal by running into the D and picking up the ball left from a missed goal.

Keeping their chins up, Knutsford’s defence line was looking strong with Sarah Evans, Liz Ball and Lucie Hinton clearing the ball from the goal and sending the opposing team further into midfield.

This then gave Knutsford a great opportunity to push up.

Faye Webber took this opportunity and had a great run up the sideline, running easily through Whitchurch’s defence.

Webber then passed across to Gill Lunt who scored the second brilliant goal for Knutsford.

After bringing the score back to 2-2 Whitchurch then netted their third goal just before half time leaving the score at 2-3.

Unfortunately for Knutsford Whitchurch finished with a win of 2-4.

Although to Knutsford’s disappointment, it was a well deserved win for Whitchurch.