VICTORIA Club 2 bagged a win in week seven of the Mid-Cheshire Table Tennis League.

The Holmes Chapel outfit defeated Wolves by a 7-3 scoreline in Division Two.

Sticklebacks defeated Lostock Smashers 7-3, while Dave Myles helped himself to three wins to lead Cobras to a 6-4 win over Snakes.

Lab Rats rolled over Rangers 10-0 and Kinetics eased to an 8-2 win over Romans.

Lab Rats are now five points clear of Kinetics at the top of the table.

Meanwhile, George Abbotts Butchers powered ahead at the top of Division One with another strong performance - beating Manweb 9-1, with Manweb’s only point coming in Dave Nelson’s 3-2 win over Alec Johns, 12-10 in the fifth set.

Hawks forced a 5-5 draw at home to Lemmings, thanks largely to three sets from Mike Jestin.

Tigers defeated Winsford 7-3. In a strange turn of events, due to a tendon injury, the ambidextrous Winston Duff ended up playing left-handed, but couldn’t reach his usual high (right-handed) standard and lost twice.

Raptors defeated Bears 7-3 with a maximum for Simon Lafferty, and Sparks beat Wreckers by the same score, thanks to three-sets apiece for Ray Worthington and John Perry, who then combined for a doubles victory.

The Butchers are now 18 points ahead of Sparks and Tigers, who are equal second, with Victoria Club in fourth place.