MARK Newall has celebrated the first success of what he hopes will turn into a treble after winning a Knutsford and District Amateur League competition.

The Mobberley member took home the Redwood Hire Champions Trophy for a third successive year after keeping clubmate Mike Roylance at arm’s length during the final at Victory Hall.

He also ended the runs of Ralph Robertson (Wilmslow Cons), Dave Blackburn (Tatton) and Steve Flinders, another teammate, to reach the showpiece of a handicap tournament entered by the top 16 players from each of the league’s two divisions.

Newall, who has now claimed first prize on five occasions, remains in contention to win the Jay Trophy and the Rotary Cup.

There was an impressive performance too by Matt Dale, of Wilmslow Cons, who was the only player from the second tier to reach the semi-finals stage before bowing out following a clash with Roylance.


Knutsford and District Amateur Snooker League

Redwood Hire Champions Trophy

Sunday, January 27

Last 16 (handicap in brackets): Dave Blackburn (Tatton) (scr) 148-81 John Arundle (Wilmslow RBL) (20); Tony Crompton (Mobberley A) (scr) w/o Richard Bayley (Wilmslow Cons) (20); Steve Flinders (Mobberley A) (scr) 142-71 Tony Jackson (Mere B) (20); Gary Hammond (Mobberley D) 67-95 Dave Rainford (Mobberley C); Gary Long (Brook St A) (20) 69-130 Ian Paton (Mobberley C) (20); Mark Newall (Mobberley A) (scr) 143-87 Ralph Robertson (Wilmslow Cons) (20); Mike Roylance (Mobberley A) (scr) w/o Dave Mullins (Shaw Heath) (20); Bruce Tulley (Mobberley A) (scr) 69-122 Matt Dale (Wilmslow Cons) (20).

Quarter-finals: Dave Blackburn (Tatton) (scr) 48-98 Mark Newall (Mobberley A) (scr); Steve Flinders (Mobberley A) (scr) 117-103 Tony Crompton (Mobberley A) (scr); Ian Paton (Mobberley C) (20) 70-102 Matt Dale (Wilmslow Cons); Dave Rainford (Mobberley C) (20) 85-114 Mike Roylance (Mobberley A) (scr).

Semi-finals: Steve Flinders (Mobberley A) (scr) 79-128 Mark Newall (Mobberley A) (scr); Mike Roylance (Mobberley A) (scr) 143-105 Matt Dale (Wilmslow Cons) (20).

Final: Mark Newall (Mobberley A) (scr) 110-95 Mike Roylance (Mobberley A) (scr).