Would you dare to visit the most haunted places in Dorset? 

We already know of the ancient buildings that are haunted, but they aren't the only places to have visitors from 'the other side'.

We have created an interactive map documenting some spooky sightings and ghostly apparition that are said to have taken place in Dorset- some of them might have happened on a street near you.

Information sourced from Paranormal Databases.

It has been said that the corner seat along Weymouth promenade is haunted.

Apparently visible only to a select few, one witness who spotted the old woman on a seat and said she reeked of death. 

Another spooky story reveals that a ghost in Came Wood spoke to a woman who was planning to build a house on the lot. Apparently the voice from the trees made her change her mind.

In the 1800s a ghost hunting trip were caught off-guard as that were pranked by a man who was later taken to hospital due to his injuries. 

A party of ghost hunters patrolling an alleged haunted lane in West Stafford encountered a white figure covered by a sheet. One member of the group urged the others to attack it, which they did using sticks and clubs. The ghost fell to the ground.

Once the sheet was removed, it was realised the ghost was actually a local man, who was taken to hospital for his fractured skull to be treated.

Have you got any spooky stories from Dorset to tell? Let us know in the comments.