A cleaner was astounded when she "found ET inside a tree".

Kirsty Williams, of Blendon Road, Bexley, was helping her father cut down the plant in a friend’s garden.

When they opened it up they couldn’t believe the tree rings looked exactly like the famous sci-fi character from Steven Spielberg's movie.

The 28-year-old said: “I thought it was amazing and I had to take a picture of it.

“I said ‘look it’s ET – he didn’t go home’.

“My dad thought it was so funny.

“We were both laughing.”

The tree was in a garden in Parkmead, Blackfen.

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Kirsty who works for infrastructure services company, FM Conway, said: “Forget houses that look like Hitler or Jesus on a piece of toast, I’ve found ET in a tree.

“I’m sure it’ll cheer some UFO lovers up.”

Kirsty was the first to spot the strange pattern in the tree.

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She said: “My dad was cutting logs up and I saw it. He was looking at the pretty patterns and I was like OMG it’s ET.

“I saw the big eyes and skinny neck.

“I’ve shown a couple of people and they all think it’s funny.”

Kirsty said her dad David, 61, is going to keep the alien finding and maybe display it in his house.

She said: “He’s going to polish it up and use it for something.

“He wants to do something with it – maybe a wall hanging.”