Wilton London, the plant-based laundry brand, has launched its new botanical range which is now available in Sainsbury’s across the UK.

The vegan products offer affordable luxury with scents inspired by nature. The laundry liquids and conditioners are made of naturally derived ingredients and infused with essential oils.

Wilton London’s signature is to offer cleaning products that won’t smell of, well, cleaning products. Ditching the all-too-familiar ‘laundry fresh’ smell, they have released two luxurious scents: Jasmine and Cedarwood.

Wilton’s plant-based laundry liquid and fabric conditioner: a review

“Have you tried it yet?” I asked my friend this morning as I was checking my still-damp laundry I hung last night. “It smells so good”, I continued with my nose buried in my towels.

“Oh yeah, I did. Love it. I also really like how soft my clothes are.”

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this is a fake conversation, but if you pay enough attention to daily life, this is how housemates actually talk to each other. I digress.

Two weeks ago I got my hands on Wilton London’s Cedarwood laundry liquid and fabric conditioner, just in time for my pre-holidays washing load. What a blessing. I smelled like a forest as I waltzed in the sunshine throughout the week.

While I’m not against the box standard laundry smell, I must say I do enjoy it when people tell me I smell nice, so this Cedarwood scent plays right into that.

Knutsford Guardian: Wilton London's Cedarwood laundry setWilton London's Cedarwood laundry set

This is probably a good time to come clean (no pun intended) and say that I am not, by any means, the most eco-conscious soul. I do my recycling just fine, but I won’t lose sleep over every item I separate. I don’t really do laundry often, waiting instead to have a massive load that will fill up the entire drum, but that’s a by-product of laziness and not a conscious choice. 

I am also not vegan, though I live with one and date a vegetarian. I’d say I love all animals, but a lot of them are sort of ugly and mean. I still don’t think we should test on them for the purposes of having fab make-up or, in this case, amazingly soft clothes.

I do try, however, to make eco-conscious choices. I sometimes struggle pairing that with my need for super-efficient products – I grew up with the smell of bleach so I equate that to cleanliness, a lot.

This is to say, I was skeptical to try Wilton London products. Would the laundry liquid really clean my clothes? I sweat a bunch, I rather not have pit stains. I was pleasantly surprised.

Once I took out my wet clothes from the washing machine, I gave them a close inspection. I would’ve hated to find a stubborn stain still standing, threatening my sanity – I only had a short window of time to make sure my garments were clean and dry, after all. The clothes also felt good to the touch, but they were wet, too soon to tell.

After a full week of wearing my t-shirts and denim shorts, the softness from the fabric conditioner proved long-lasting, and the Cedarwood smell on my unworn dresses patiently stuck around too.

Knutsford Guardian: Wilton London's fabric conditioner in Jasmine scent Wilton London's fabric conditioner in Jasmine scent

The 1lt bottles are meant to last about 28 washes for the laundry detergent, and 40 washes for the fabric softener. Considering their long-lasting effect, how often I do my washing, and the price of £14.50 for the pack, the Wilton London products are certainly something I intend to keep in my life. This new choice will also make me look better in the eyes of my more eco-responsible mates, so overall a win.

Wilton London laundry botanical range: info for the eco-friendly folk

The products are British-made using recycled and recyclable packaging. Wilton is registered with the Vegan Society, not using any animal-derived ingredients, and not carrying out any animal testing.

The company is also B-Corp certified, meaning they meet a high standard of accountability and transparency on social and environmental performance.

Their range doesn’t have microplastics, parabens, artificial colouring, enzymes, borax, optical brighteners, phosphates nor phthalates.

Wilton London Laundry Liquid (1L, £7.95) and Fabric Conditioners (1L, £5) bottles are available nationwide from Sainsbury’s.