Viewers of the ITV talent Britain’s Got Talent were left wondering where the show’s new episode was on Saturday night.

The show was delayed thanks to a win at Wembley for Liverpool FC, a game that went to extra time and resulted in penalties.

Interviews ran past the starting time of Britain’s Got Talent, meaning fans of the show were left asking on Twitter where the show was.

ITV viewers wonder what happened to Saturday’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent

Viewers took to Twitter to ask about the delay of the episode.

One viewer tweeted: “It’s 8.00 where is BGT #BGT”

Another wrote: “Where’s bgt? #BGT”

A third tweeted: “My telly says #BGT is on. But it’s football? Can it just go away now”

The show finally came on top our screens at 8.04pm, four minutes after it should’ve started.

Britain’s Got Talent continues on Saturdays on ITV.