A new David Attenborough series The Mating Game is on screens this Sunday.

The new 5-part series follows the challenges faced by most animals – attracting a partner.

Each episode follows animals in their natural habitats on their journey to find a mate, with species ranging from bullfrogs and leopards to humpback whales and termites.

Each animal has their own unique strategy, but ultimately the prize is the same: genetic immortality.

With the pandemic making filming more difficult than usual, the team had to come up with a unique way to capture the footage.

Instead of using its own crews, Silverback Films relied on local filmmakers and drones to ensure they could bring the cinematic footage to our screens this autumn.

When is The Mating Game on TV?

The first episode, aired last Sunday, followed animals in the open grassland. This week, Sunday October 10, the series will focus on the mating game of animals in the ocean.

The Mating Game is on every Sunday on BBC One at 8pm and is available to catch up on BBC iPlayer.