JOSE Sykes as president chaired the meeting assisted by Pat Ingram Secretary and Catherine Pedley president of Astbury the hosting WI.

The meeting began with a hearty rendering of Jerusalem in spite of their being no piano.

Jose then welcomed everybody especially the representatives from Knutsford, Mercia and Mallbank Groups along with Sally Dyke as special advisor.

A special thanks was given to Ann Daughtrey who has stepped in as our new treasurer alongside all the other important work that she does for the Federation.

Afterwards Jose announced that the minutes of the previous meeting was available for inspection in the hall and were to be signed at the end of the meeting.

Chris Knight then began his very amusing talk “Auntie the War is Over!”

He told a great many anecdotes referring to clearing out the lifetime home of an elderly relative and showed many of the items that had been carefully stored over the years.

Ann Maddox from Smallwood WI gave a very appropriate vote of thanks.

The competition table had a wonderful display of teapots in all shapes and sizes.

The winner chosen by Chris was a very familiar brown teapot which he related to his talk as being typical of the ones that we could all remember.

Various announcements were then given out including; details of the Thanksgiving service in Chester Cathedral, a holiday in North Yorkshire April 2016, trip to Bournemouth and the Channel Islands.

During the refreshment break we were invited to look at Sarahs Crafts where a large display of beautifully crocheted items were available to purchase. Brereton WI provided an excellent selection of cakes, tea and coffee .

Jose then gave a resume of all the interesting events that had taken place throughout the year.

Jose thanked Ann for dealing with the bookings and Jean Batchelor for looking after everyone.

Beryl Rooke from Swettenham and Thelma Dutton from Holmes Chapel then gave their two minute reports.

Forthcoming events were then announced; Astbury are celebrating their 75th year at Astbury Church where they will be selling 75 poppies made in a variety of media and the proceeds will be going to the British Legion.

The group carol service is on December 6 at Siddington Church with refreshments afterwards in Siddington Village Hall.