Lower Withington WI by Gwendoline Hayhurst

This month’s meeting of the Lower Withington WI was very well attended. The Show on September 12 went very well with lots of exhibits and a good turnout.

The speaker for the evening was Sam Copeland from Reaseheath College. Sam tutors young people in food technology and has just received her teaching certificate.

She showed how to take the pain out of icing Christmas cakes by cheating, by buying a ready-made fruit cake and icing it yourself. She showed how to use fondant icing then moulding icing to make the decorations. All readily available from supermarkets. The final result was a super cake which all can now aspire to. Sam gave this for a future raffle prize.

The next meeting will be on October 28. This is an open meeting when invited guests can come and have wine and nibbles and a fashion show by Delia Metcalf.