PLANS which would see the new A556 bypass scrapped and a road built to the east of Knutsford to take the road’s traffic, have been suggested.

Paul Williams, of Budworth Road, Aston-by-Budworth believes his route would solve all the fuss being created by the controversial proposal.

Over the years Paul has taken photographs of the accidents that have taken place on the A556 for the Guardian and insisted his plans should be looked at by the Highways Agency.

His route (pictured) involves traffic leaving the M6 at Lower Peover and heading across the Cheshire countryside south of Toft Hall, crossing the A50 and sweeping to the east of Knutsford.

According to Paul a junction would then be created on Mobberley Road, close to Dukenfield Hall, and the road would then follow the line of the railway line before reaching the M56 just before junction six at Hale.

Paul told the Guardian the road could be called the Eastern Knutsford relief road.

“I’ve lived in the Knutsford area for 20 years and got a folder on all the schemes proposed but nothing has happened,” he said.

“This road has got so many advantages and some disadvantages but I think people will like it.

“It’s never been thought about before but it should be looked at.

“When it crosses existing roads you can have a flyover or an under pass but after Knutsford it would follow the train line.”

Paul, who used to be a member of ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and on the road traffic committee of the Magistrates Association, added the roads around Knutsford would be able to take the traffic.

“Mobberley Road is no different to any other road in Knutsford so it would be able to take the traffic,” he said.

“Lorries would not use the small roads, just the local traffic and both Mobberley and Wilmslow would benefit from this link road.

“It would relieve the current A556.”

Two weeks ago the A556 Lobby group unveiled its plans for the road, which would see a slip road created at junction 20 of the M6 to enable traffic to head eastbound towards Manchester.

A decision on the Highways Agency’s proposal is due to be announced later this summer.

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