A KNUTSFORD pub is back on track after a turbulent past.

The Oaks, on Mobberley Road, has been run by Angela and John Beaumont for the past six months.

The couple came in after the pub’s previous landlord, Mike Riley, was sentenced to five years in prison in December 2011.

Following a tip off from a member of the public, police found firearms in the property after raiding it in August 2011.

But Angela, 52, and John, 49, have been in control since the turn of the year on a temporary basis while owners, Punch Taverns, find a permanent boss.

“It’s been brilliant so far,” she said “We had a slow start because of the past things that have happened and people have been wary of coming in but it’s now completely free of the trouble element that it had before.

“We’ve got a lovely atmosphere. The customers have really welcomed us and they want us to say and take the sale sign down outside.”

The couple, who are originally from Huddersfield, have been working for the pub company for two years as ‘temporary tenants’.

In that time, they have spent time at pubs in Skelmersdale and Middleton.

Angela, who used to be a shop worker before entering the pub trade, added they had heard about the past before moving in but were now reaping the benefits of their hard work, with profits rising by £3,000 last month.

The couple’s short stay has even seen them pick up an award from Punch for the quality of their beer.

“In an ideal world, we want to stay because we’ve made friends but it is just part of our job,” she added.

More details about the pub can be found on Facebook by searching ‘The Oaks Knutsford’.

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