TO borrow words from one of the narrators in this ‘electrifying’ comedy, ‘This story defies belief, defies logic and defies the fundamental laws of science and nature!’ Quite a challenge from the off, therefore, for any director whose first problem might be how to get a 60-foot electricity pylon on stage.

Never underestimate the magic of theatre, however, nor the skill of Miles Buckley who not only has many years experience of lighting and set building but whose day job, conveniently, is indeed with an electric company.

So A Bolt from the Blue, by popular modern playwright David Tristram, is an apt choice for Miles’ directorial debut at Knutsford Little Theatre.

He is expertly aided by the lighting and sound crew – lots of thunder and lightning and by the artistry of talented assistant set designer, Olivia Darlington.

The play revolves around the extraordinary fate of Edward Jones – an ordinary man doing ordinary things until the day before his 40th birthday.

But then comes the bolt from the blue, and Ed’s life takes on an unimaginable craziness. Garth Maunders does full justice to this hefty lead role, heading a cast of 13 actors who play a total of 20 roles.

These include an eccentric amateur scientist, various doctors and paramedics, a topiarist and a bald trichologist, a local farmer, a fireman, police officers, a wife, newsreaders and a nurse among others – oh and an invisible dog.

The two narrators are an essential part of this madness. Speaking with great clarity, Viv Cunningham and Lesley Hornsby play a crucial role in commentating on this zany comedy which, as well as descending into pure slapstick at times, also throws in a little thought-provoking pathos.

Could it have happened? Is it just a midlife crisis? What do fruit flies, those wee bastions of the biology lab, have to do with anything? Suspend disbelief and laugh your way through this enjoyable, if at times perplexing, evening.

The play runs from June 6 to 9 at 7.30pm. For tickets call 01565 873515.