THE final talk in the February Forum series organised by the Friends of Knutsford Heritage Centre was given by Martin Goldstraw, chairman of the Cheshire Heraldry Society.

After a brief introduction to the origins of coats of arms and the terms used to describe them, many of these from Norman French, he looked in detail at the Knutsford coat of arms, granted to Knutsford Urban Council in 1955.

It was designed by H Ellis Tomlinson using elements from the arms of many important Cheshire families.

The fleur de lys are from the arms of the Leycester families of Toft and Tabley, the red crown is for Halton castle and the gold lozenges (or diamonds) on it are from the arms of William Fitz-Nigel who was Baron of Halton and held the Manor of Knutsford.

The red lion on the top is from the Egerton and Legh families’ arms.

Other interesting elements are the book the lion is holding, in reference to Mrs Gaskell and her works, and the garland of may blossom round the lion’s neck, to represent the town’s famous May Day celebrations.

l To learn more about the town’s coat of arms go to knutsfordtown and click on coat of arms.