KNUTSFORD Little Theatre presents two evenings of the best one-act plays from a selection of international writers.

They have chosen 10 plays to perform from the hundreds submitted, and the plays to be performed are: - Around the World by Donald Dewey features Phil, a man who designs vending machines, and needs a holiday. Lorinda can offer every type of holiday imaginable but is not be all she seems.

- Clean by Nina Mansfield is about three alcoholics who surprise each other in a church basement late one night. An industrial dishwasher provides the inspiration they need to get ‘clean’.

- Delivery by Judith Davis is set in an art gallery. Eleanor is enraptured by Dan’s ‘delivery’ in a play that pokes fun at the art world.

- In Depression, A Comedy by Cassandra Lewis Trevor refuses to get out of bed, but when he is confronted by a series of imaginary friends and foes there is no chance of him getting any peace.

- Doing it for Nora by Doreen Fay features a group of residents in a block of retirement flats threatened with eviction by the council. Lottie and George are prepared to go to extreme measures to avoid losing their homes.

- Evensong by Edward Crosby Wells is a poignant drama about a long-married couple struggling to connect. As they reach the end of their time they reflect on a marriage that hasn’t been all bad. Has it?

- Feeding Time at the Human House by David Wiener is set in a baboon enclosure where Bernie is happily throwing his poo at passers-by, but Fran is feeling down. It’s her birthday and she is upset because her backside is just not big enough!

- In Heads and Tails by Kevin Madley a summer barbecue is the setting for a story about rivalry, ambition and infidelity, where two actors play two couples who are opposite sides of the coin.

- In The Beginner’s Guide to Murdering Your Husband by Knutsford Little Theatre’s David Muncaster you are invited to join Maddy and her team as they create the self-help video every woman needs.

- The Gift of a Thornless Rose by Maureen Brady Johnson features Sam and Mary, who are forced to leave the home they love and try to decide what to keep and what to throw away – their memories making growing old more bearable.

The plays performed on Friday will be repeated on Saturday, April 9, and those performed on Saturday will be repeated on Friday, April 8.

The festival runs on Friday and Saturday, and Friday, April 8. and Saturday, April 9. Tickets are £7 for one night but readers wishing to see all 10 plays can buy tickets for any two nights for £10. They can be reserved by calling 01565 873515.