KNUTSFORD and Mobberley residents have given a mixed response to the news that Manchester Airport has agreed a deal with solicitors over the creation of the second runway.

In last week’s Guardian, Hugh James solicitors, acting on behalf of homeowners in the area, revealed they had reached an agreement with Manchester Airport over compensation for those who have seen the price of their homes affected in the wake of the construction of Runway Two.

Homeowners have contacted the Guardian to express their feelings about the agreement, but have not wished to disclose their names in case it harms their position in relation to receiving the money.

All have revealed that the cheques have yet to be sent out, but they had 10 days to accept the offer.

A Mobberley resident, who did not wish to be named, said it was a case of take it or leave it.

“We weren’t given the choice of taking it further, but they told us we should accept the offer,” she said.

“After all this time I am upset, I just thought when I read in the Guardian that the residents were happy, someone is telling them a bit of a story – no way am I happy.

“The letter told us to sign within 10 days or you can go and fight it on your own.”

Jeff Gazzard, Knutsford resident and aviation campaigner, told the Guardian that the agreement could open compensation for people not originally part of the Hugh James group.

“It is important to find out if there are any confidential agreements, and I know a couple of the claimants who will be interested to know,” he said.

“I believe the airport should offer to pay for who was in a house in the area before the runway opened.”

If anyone has any queries regarding the compensation deal the airport has asked them to call Hugh James on 029 2022 4871.

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