MANCHESTER Airport is set to start work on its taxiways that will see runway two being in operation during the night.

The move will see flights transferred from runway one to the second runway while the work takes place from April 11 until August 13.

Runway two is normally only used during the day.

Residents fear that this will cause disturbance despite the airport saying some planes would be diverted around – not over – Knutsford to reach the second runway.

The airport sent out letters to homeowners on Monday, March 22, detailing the work and when it will be carried out.

At the time of the announcement of the works in August, aviation expert – and Knutsford resident – Jeff Gazzard said he would contact the airport regarding compensation for residents affected.

A Manchester Airport spokesman said: “The airport is due to carry out a programme of taxiway improvements and maintenance which will involve widening a number of taxiways to reflect the more modern and large aircraft types now using Manchester Airport.

“The programme will require 18 weeks of night time runway closures to complete.

“Runway two will be used as the sole runway between 2230 and 0600 hours between Sunday and Thursday from 2230 hours on Sunday, April 11 until 0630 hours on Friday, August 13 2010.

“Every effort will be made to reduce the disruption and time taken to complete the works.”

Clr George Walton, Cheshire East member for Bucklow ward and representative of the Manchester Airport Consultative Committee, said the airport was good at communicating with the public.

“I’ve had a letter from them detailing what they are going to do and my wife has one as well because she complained about them once,” he said.

“The work being carried out is essential for runway one and it needs doing for the sake of safety.

“As I understand the aircraft’s noise will be dependent on which way the wind is blowing and that will depend on how much we are affected.

“I’m sure the airport will be doing their damnedest to restrict the nuisance as much as possible.”

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