A FAMILY may be forced to live with just one bin after their other fell into the back of a council refuse truck.

Cheshire East Council workers made the blunder during a collection in Mobberley.

But Alex Radiven and her family are now waiting to see if they are allowed a replacement.

She said: “It’s a complete travesty of what the council is here for. How is this a service to the general public?”

Alex and her husband Colin own a house and a bungalow in Davenport Lane.

They have one bin for the bungalow but were given two black bins from the former Macclesfield Borough Council for the house several years ago.

This was because several members of the extended family were living there at the time.

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council said: “The bin fell in the back of the refuse vehicle. We apologise, it was an accident.

“We’re now investigating to see if the family needs a new bin depending on the number of people in the property.”

But Alex, who has lived in Davenport Lane for 20 years, told the Guardian she is angry at how the unitary authority has handled the matter.

She added: “They should discuss it with me if there’s a problem. Even if they’re within their rights they should consult with us.

“They didn’t knock on the door or leave a note. They just take their taxes and that’s it.

“The council’s got all this money and has made all these promises but it’s just a joke.

“I’m considering sorting my own refuse disposal out. There’s flytipping in Mobberley – do they wonder why?”