A CUTTING edge new health facility has opened in Knutsford.

The UK’s first cardiovascular wellness studio clinic offers a range of services on Regent Street.

The studio provides advanced testing, insight and wellness programmes to protect and optimise heart, vascular and general health.

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A vascular consultant-led vein clinic is also available to help people look, feel and move better.

The Tomorrow Cardiovascular Wellness team spoke to visitors at the official opening.

Visitors are shown round the new clinicVisitors are shown round the new clinic (Image: Helen Boardman)

Members of Knutsford Primary Schools Ball, a community event the company sponsored, were among the guests.

Tomorrow Cardiovascular was founded by a team of cardiovascular surgeons and scientists driven by innovative research and technology to save lives.

Their mission is to offer cutting edge insight and screenings, coupled with personalised wellness programs that deliver lasting, measurable improvements in people’s health and wellbeing.

Ellie Pole demonstrates one of the exercise testsEllie Pole demonstrates one of the exercise tests (Image: Helen Boardman)

David Willis, chief executive officer, said: “By being on the high street, visible and welcoming, means we are changing the way people think about their cardiovascular health, which is the biggest health challenges on the planet.

“Being more accessible, mean, we can help more people prevent and control the risk of heart attacks, stroke, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, aneurysms and dementia.”

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally for both men and women.

Up to 90 per cent of these cases are preventable, including heart attacks, strokes, dementia, and aneurysms.

Mr Willis added: “Since we opened and at the event, we have already had so many enquires and bookings to help people with the most important aspect of their health.

“We are so pleased to have joined the Knutsford community.

“There’s an open invite for anyone to pop in and learn more about our service.”

Team members welcoming visitors at the opening event included David Willis, chief executive officer, Tracet Gall, Veer Mohabeer, Kaley Gibbons, Ellie Pole, Richard Pole, Dr Adam Haque, Gurdeep Jandu, Gareth George, Dr Steven Rogers, Louise Carter and Victoria Burgess.