A DOCTOR has called it a day after 27 years helping the community.

Dr Mark Brennan will hang up his stethoscope after nearly three decades of service at Wilmslow Health Centre.

Ahead of his retirement at the end of the month, Dr Brennan has been reflecting on the challenges he has faced and how the healthcare system has changed over the years.

He said: “Coming to Wilmslow Health Centre in the new year 1997, I remember the freezing weather, the last big flu epidemic, and the small team of doctors and nurses providing medical care to homes from Gatley to Prestbury, from Poynton to Ringway.

“Computers were new in. It was slightly quicker to write a prescription by hand than use the grinding printer, and medical records were a line or two on paper in a cardboard envelope.

“Now we have texts, apps and online access to everything.

“I have seen so much change and growth – the saplings in the grounds are now trees, the children who made the Dr MakeyouWell posters have children of their own, the working hours have got longer, the list of our patients has more than doubled, even the building has grown.

“But the job stays the same, moving seamlessly from the spotty child to the mental health crisis, every known ailment and then some coming through our doors from cradle to the places at the other end of life.”

Dr Brennan added: “It’s certainly been interesting.  Bird flu, real flu, Covid. Shifting targets and reorganisation after reorganisation.

“The NHS as always, is underfunded and running on goodwill. And now measles and whooping cough coming back – nothing new under the sun?

“But there are always constants that never change. Doctors doing their best, patients coping stoically (for the most part) with the pressures and anxiety of illness.

“It’s been an honour working with the people of Wilmslow, with all my colleagues and partners over the years, and with the wonderful support team who make our jobs possible in reception, offices and nursing.

“So I will say thanks for the memories, see you around maybe, stay away from Dr Google, and be kind to each other, everyone.”

Dr Brennan started working at Wilmslow Health Centre in 1997Dr Brennan started working at Wilmslow Health Centre in 1997 (Image: Wilmslow Health Centre)