A FORMER Army cadet was honoured to light a Lamp of Peace to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Alan Johnson, now 93, a resident at Cranford Grange care home in Knutsford, vividly remembers the Normandy invasion.

He had moved to London to be near his father who was in the Spitfire RAF Group Fighter Station.

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Alan was a Home Guard runner and later joined the cadets.

Alan Johnson vividly remembers the D-Day landingsAlan Johnson vividly remembers the D-Day landings (Image: Supplied)

He remembers the hours they spent learning how to disassemble a Sten gun, a British submachine gun, used extensively by British forces throughout World War Two, cleaning it and reassembling it blindfolded.

Alan said: “I was honoured and grateful to represent Cranford Grange and stand side by side with the Knutsford Normandy Cadets to light the D-Day 80 lamp light of peace.

“It was a truly humbling experience to mark the D-Day Landings and commemorate such an important day in our history.”

Cranford Grange staff with resident Alan Johnson and Knutsford Normandy cadetsCranford Grange staff with resident Alan Johnson and Knutsford Normandy cadets (Image: Supplied)

Cranford Grange on Hall Lane, held its very own lamp-lighting ceremony to remember the hundreds of thousands of brave people who took part in the largest naval, air and land operation in history.

Care UK partnered with royal pageant master Bruno Peek, co-ordinator of D-Day 80 Lamp Light of Peace.

Along with the three forces’ charities and the Merchant Navy Association, more than 100 care homes took part in this nationwide tribute.

Guests enjoyed a special 1940s-themed party, with live entertainment from Natalie Ciufo, who got everyone's toes tapping when she performed wartime classics.

Knutsford cadets also joined the celebration and chatted with residents about their memories from D-Day.

Lisa Burrows, general manager at Cranford Grange, said: “It was fantastic to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day with the help of the community.

“Reminiscence activities are a great way for older people, especially those living with memory loss, to connect with those around them and maintain a sense of identity.

“We heard many stories from residents about their own experiences and memories from wartime Britain, which was so inspiring.

“I’d like to thank all the guests who joined and the Knutsford Cadets for making D-Day extra special.”