CHILDREN dressed in wartime costumes to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Pupils at Peover Superior Primary stepped back in time to represent the 77 evacuees who attended the school during the Second World War.

The day's historic activities began with a whole school assembly led by Cllr Anthony Harrison.

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He highlighted the importance of D-Day and the bravery of those involved in the operation.

He emphasized the local ties to the historic event, making it a poignant moment for children and staff.

Throughout the day, children engaged in a variety of wartime themed activities designed to give them a deeper understanding of the period.

They participated in crafts, gardening, and sewing, replicating the experiences of children during the war.

A traditional fish and chip lunch was served to add to the authenticity of the day.

During break and lunchtimes, children played wartime games, further immersing themselves in the historical experience.

Principal Joanne Munro expressed her pride in the children’s enthusiasm and the effort they put into their costumes and activities.

She said: “It’s vital for our young people to understand and appreciate the sacrifices made during such significant moments in history.

“By engaging in these activities, they not only learn about the past but also build a sense of connection to their community’s history.”

Parents and local residents were also invited to join the celebration, many of whom shared their own family stories and artifacts from the war.

The event successfully brought history to life, fostering a sense of remembrance and respect among the younger generation.

The D-Day commemoration was a meaningful tribute to the past, reminding everyone of the resilience and courage shown during World War II.

The school community’s commitment to honouring this historical occasion ensures that the legacy of those who lived through it will not be forgotten.