A DRUG addict who tried to stab his partner outside a police station has been jailed.

Paul Moulder, of Southfields in Knutsford, has been sentenced to two years in prison.

It comes after the 31-year-old admitted to assaulting and threatening his now-ex with a steak knife while in Knutsford town centre.

Judge Patrick Thompson believes Moulder’s drug habit had a part to play in the incident.

He said: “You brought this on yourself because of your drug use. Until you get a hold of it, your problems won’t get any better.

“You went into the centre of Knutsford with a steak knife, that’s an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

“A knife is always loaded.

“You actually used this knife, thankfully for you as well as the victim, it didn’t penetrate.”

Knutsford Guardian: Paul Moulder, 31 and of Southfields, KnutsfordPaul Moulder, 31 and of Southfields, Knutsford (Image: Cheshire Police)

Prosecuting, Peter Hussey told the court how Moulder had been in a relationship with the victim for around six or seven years.

They had been at Moulder’s mum's house in Knutsford on the morning of February 17, 2024, where he was described as being “irritable and verbally abusive”.

In the afternoon they went to the town centre and an argument broke out, which was overheard by a special constable at the police station.

Moulder had brought a steak knife out with him, which he attempted to thrust into the victim’s side.

Fortunately, the blade didn’t penetrate but did leave her with a bruise and cut her finger.

The arguing continued, with Moulder threatening to “cut her up”.

When police arrived, Moulder threw the knife into a churchyard and tried to run off but was soon arrested.

Julian Farley, defending, explained that Moulder’s mental health had been “deteriorating” around the time of the incident.

He noted that his client had been without his medication for some time and had smashed a glass over his own head just a few days before.

He added that Moulder’s drug taking had impacted his mental state.

At Chester Crown Court on Friday (May 31), Judge Thompson sentenced Moulder to a total of two years, of which he will have to serve half before being released on licence.

He also made a restraining order, preventing Moulder from contacting the victim or entering a specified address in Knutsford for five years.