LIVE music fans will be going ga-ga as the 'definitive live Queen experience’ heads for Cheshire.

Since their formation in 1994, tribute band, Supreme Queen, have played to hundreds of thousands of the Queen fans around the world.

They’ve headlined at major events including St Tropez’s International Queen Convention, where they played to 10,000 people.

As far as tribute bands go, producers say Supreme Queen ‘take things to a whole different level’, with their homage to the glory days of one of the planet’s greatest ever rock bands.

Knutsford Guardian: Scott says while Queen's repertoire suits his voice, honing Freddie's sound and mannerisms has been 'a labour of love'.Scott says while Queen's repertoire suits his voice, honing Freddie's sound and mannerisms has been 'a labour of love'. (Image: M P Productions)

The band is now set to play Crewe’s Lyceum’s theatre on Saturday, June 2.  

Fans can look forward to Scott Maley’s incredible vocal and visual resemblance to Freddie Mercury, as well as a remarkable band of musicians in the roles of Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon.

Closely following the ethos of the original band, Scott says Supreme Queen have always strived to create 'the definitive live Queen experience'.

The 52-year-old confesses he drifted into the role of Freddy to begin with, but has since worked hard to develop the voice, mannerisms, and above all, the remarkable charisma and stagecraft of the legend himself.

Scott said: “When I started making my living in music, I wasn't trying to do Freddie.

Knutsford Guardian: Supreme Queen play the Lyceum Theatre, Crewe, on June 2Supreme Queen play the Lyceum Theatre, Crewe, on June 2 (Image: M P Productions)

“I sang a lot of classic rock, but Queen’s stuff just always felt quite accessible and, dare I say it, normal to me.

“Part of it’s natural, but certainly not all. We were on the road an awful lot a at the beginning, so we had plenty of opportunities to develop our craft. All of us want to work to the best of our ability. It's a labour of love really.

“Queen’s music is so enduring, I think, for a few reasons. First, it’s the spectrum of emotions they cover. Their sets were wonderfully put together, going from hard rock, to pop rock, to ballads, to melancholy, all pretty seamlessly in one performance.

“Second, it’s the character of Freddie, and the tremendous chemistry between him and the other band members on stage.

“Third, I think it’s the lyrics. They were just great songs, and they knew how to get them over to an audience in the best possible way.”

Tickets for Supreme Queen at Crewe Lyceum are on sale now though the band’s website.

Scott added: “Queen had the perfect combination of special ingredients which we haven’t seen in another band since.

“Even if you’re not a die-hard fan, there’s something for everyone to connect with. But even if you know them really well, they were still always able to surprise you.

“We always strive to bring something of that to our own shows.”