CREATIVE children have designed posters to urge people to use bins when they are out and about.

A team of enthusiastic volunteers, named Knutsford Litter Free (KLF), regularly pick up rubbish dropped on streets, hedgerows and open spaces across the town.

The group of ladies invited schoolchildren to come up with ideas to encourage the local community to be more responsible.

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They organised a poster competition and were overwhelmed to receive so many imaginative entries.

A KLF member said: “It was lovely to see the ideas the children had come up with.

“We’re hoping to invite local businesses to display the winning posters.”

Sheldons Dairy generously awarded £50 to each of the three winners, Simon Wagle and Lucie Jandufova from Manor Park School and Lucy Melia from Knutsford Academy.

The competition was judged by Clarendon Art Shop.

Eye catching messages on the winning posters included ‘Just find a bin, it’s not a sin’ and ‘Keep Knutsford clean, use the bin, don’t be mean’.

One of the KLC members said: “I go out every Sunday and it is amazing just how much litter I pick up.

“I’ve seen people drop rubbish on the street right beside a bin.

“We’re hoping this poster campaign will help to raise awareness and encourage people to be more responsible.”