OLD knives were handed in to police to prevent them getting into the hands of criminals.

Knutsford Police urged people to surrender any unwanted kitchen knives and blades in a special bin at High Legh Garden Centre last week.

A further collection took place at the Welcome Café.

Knutsford Guardian: People were able to hand in unwanted knives with no questions askedPeople were able to hand in unwanted knives with no questions asked (Image: Cheshire Police)

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said: "People could come and dispose of their knives and blades with no questions asked.

"This is to reduce the amount of potential weapons being disposed of in your domestic waste bins where they could be retrieved and used in crime."

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Both events were held as Cheshire Police highlighted the dangers of County Lines, where organised crime gangs exploit, manipulate and coerce children to move and deal drugs and money.

Both collections organised by the beat team have been hailed a success.

In a post on social media about the High Legh Garden Centre event, Knutsford Police said: “We gave safety advice, conducted residents’ voice surveys and had 29 knives handed in.

“These knives will now be disposed of safely instead of ending up in the wrong hands.”

Anyone who suspects children may be a risk of County Lines can call Cheshire Police on 101 or report it anonymously, at Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.