FRAUDSTERS are sending fake lottery letters to snare victims into revealing personal financial details.

Wilmslow Police have issued a warning after people have received fraudulent letters saying they have won as much as £750,000 on the Health Lottery.

Victims are told to contact someone in order to claim their supposed prize but are being warned that this is a scam.

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Posting on social media, Wilmslow Police said: “Whist the Health Lottery is legitimate, these letters are not.

“The resident is asked to call a number to claim the prize.

“But, it if they do, they are targeted by fraudsters trying to steal their personal and financial information.

“The Health Lottery never sends letters to its winners.

“If you receive such a letter, report it by sending it to Freepost Scam Mail.”

Consumer champion Which? says that fake letters have spiked in recent weeks.

The scam letters addressed to people by name claim people have won staggering figures, some up to £750,000.

The letters also include bogus winning numbers as well as a ticket number.

To win the Health Lottery, you must actually sign up for a draw first, which if you haven’t, is a good indication that any letter claiming you’ve randomly won is not legitimate.