A FORMER Chatwin’s bakery shop in Nantwich town centre looks set to become a bar serving up gin, cocktails, beer and wine.

Three Wrens Gin is also seeking permission from Cheshire East Council to use the ground floor property on Pepper Street for ‘compounding and rectification of spirits' on-site, which involves 'small batch distilling of gin'.

The applicant also wants to sell alcohol for off-site consumption.

A design and access statement submitted by Richard Lee Project Planning on behalf of Three Wrens Gin, states:  “The compounding and rectification process involves neutral spirit, at a non-flammable strength of 40 per cent, being added to a small copper pot with botanicals such as juniper, which is then gently heated.

“The flavoured alcohol vaporises and travels to the condenser, where cold water condenses the vapour into liquid (gin).

“Because the vapour is condensed within the still there are no fumes, no vapour in the air, and therefore there is no risk to the public or staff.”

The planning document says the vessel itself is not pressured either, so it's completely safe.

It continues: “The production area will be for staff only. Nothing flammable will be stored on-site.

“It is a safe, odourless process that creates no fumes.”

Proposed opening hours will be from 10am until 10pm Monday to Sunday.

If planning permission is granted the applicant will also have to obtain a premises licence.

The application, number 24/0346N, can be viewed on the planning portal on Cheshire East Council’s website.

The closing date for comments is February 28 and the application is to be determined by a planning officer under delegated authority.